And Just Like That, Another Buzzy Pink Shade of Hair Is Among Us

by Byrdie


Just when we thought we had seen every variation of pink hair (rose gold, millennial pink, pink champagne), we're met with a new member of the blush family. Enter "dusty rose." Unlike its brighter, more playful counterparts, this hue has ashy undertones, but it has the same highly coveted level of searchability that has us spending more time on Pinterest than a bride-to-be.

It's one thing to fawn over a board dedicated to this vintage take on pink, but it's a whole separate level to take the plunge and get the hue yourself. We spoke with Stephanie Brown, colourist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City, for everything you'll need to know about winter's hottest shade. Keep reading to find out what the colour, the process, and the aftercare will entail.

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