8 Quick-Fix Products for When Your Skin Feels Insanely Dry

Judith Jones

Devouring fresh seafood, watching The Holiday, hitting the beach after work–of the many things I love about this time of the year, dry skin is not one of them. Cracked, irritated, flaky. For most of spring and summer my face feels like I’ve left on a clay face mask for far too long (thanks, dry wind and excess salt). My fingers peel. My lips are raw. In the words of Ella Fitzgerald, 'I got it bad (and that ain’t good)’.

While I’ve tried and tested a plethora of moisturisers, lip balms, and hand creams to help relieve my scaly skin, dermatologists have taught us the key to super-hydration lies in the ingredients as well as implementing some daily habits. Opt for products containing pure oils like almond, jojoba and coconut oil. Moisturise with a cream not a lotion as soon as you get out of the shower, and don’t forget to exfoliate.

Here, we’ve rounded up the products we reach for that soothe, hydrate, and hold moisture in the skin. Use from day to night or when you need a shot of hydration on-the-go. 

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