Hear Me Out: I Use Eye Cream on My Nose

Victoria Hoff


I realise that in the realm of skincare issues, experiencing dryness on the one-square-millimetre area around my nose is hardly the most pressing to deal with—this coming from someone who has woken up on more than one occasion to find her entire body covered in psoriasis. But the fact that I'd choose the perpetually flaky skin around my nostrils over my autoimmune disease any day of the week doesn't make the former problem any less annoying. Slathering on my heaviest moisturiser isn't enough; covering the area with a thick layer of balm only alleviates the issue for a short while before it returns to its Sahara-like state. The skin around my nose is so thirsty, it renders even my most moisturising concealer cakey in a matter of hours. What gives?

My frustration with this seemingly unfixable problem hit its peak a few weeks ago while getting ready for a fancy dinner—an occasion that I knew would involve multiple photo ops. In a state of desperation, I searched my vanity for something, anything that might curtail the problem, when my eyes fell on my little jar of Grown Alchemist's Hydra-Repair Eye Balm ($90). I knew that this formula in particular utilises different botanical extracts to effectively target the skin's moisture barrier and correct any abnormalities—and at the very least, it had proven itself immensely hydrating for my under-eye area. Fresh out of any alternatives, I figured it was worth a shot.

Hours later, when I returned home, I peered in the mirror to find my concealer still looking fresh and dewy. Even after giving my face a good scrub, I touched the area around my nose and was shocked to find that it felt smooth and hydrated—a definite first. Had I stumbled upon the ultimate skincare hack?

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