You Won't Believe What 90% of Young Girls Said About Their Appearance

Mary Peffer

We expect nothing but body positive marketing from Dove ever since their wildly successful Real Beauty campaign that launched over a decade ago. Unfortunately, their latest findings were pretty sad. After conducting a self-esteem study, the brand found that 9 out of 10 girls want to change at least one thing about their physical appearance, and that beauty anxiety begins when they are as young as 10-years old. The results remain shocking and deeply disturbing, despite being amidst the age of social media and selfies. Dove seeks to change all that by bringing awareness to the issue through their Change One Thing video, above. You can support the brand's body-positive messaging by purchasing Dove products (we like the Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash, $4) or finding out more about their Self-Esteem Project

How do you feel after watching this video? Are you shocked that these self-doubts exist in 90% of young women and begin when children are as young as 10-years old? Share your reaction to the statistics below!



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