Does Stress Cause Acne? A Definitive Answer

Maya Allen


With the crazy-busy lives we all live, stress is seriously inevitable. Even when you try to zen out and indulge in things like self-care activities or just well-deserved R&R, stressors always find a way to sneak in and take over. Whether it’s something about work or your personal life, it’s hard to gain complete control over your mind and let go of worry. It’s almost like feeling stress is ingrained in the human psyche or something—everyone’s been there.

Unfortunately, stress doesn’t only affect our minds. Has something ever bothered you and consumed your mind all day and then you wake up the next morning with a breakout? Same. Not only does it make you more stressed out because pimples are the worst, but it also makes you wonder where that blemish even came from. You're left wondering Does stress cause acne? Unfortunately, yes.

We tapped two registered dermatologists who confirmed that stress and acne certainly have a connection. Essentially, to keep our skin in tip-top shape, we have to be more mindful of our stress levels. These facts will make you reconsider stressing out so hard about things that may or may not be in your control. Read on for all the ways stress affects acne.

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