Carbs Aren't the Enemy—but This Food Group Is

Amanda Montell

Narc City

Carb fear in Australia is a very real phenomenon. "We're becoming a country that is starting to fear carbohydrates in the same way we did fat," says certified nutritionist and health guru Dana James. Whereas 25 years ago, skim milk and low-fat foods were on everyone's grocery list, now we're obsessed with all things gluten-free and ketogenic. Personally, I know at least half a dozen people who will eat a 250-gram serving of steak but won't touch a dinner roll. We've come to believe that carbs are the enemy of fitness and that as long as we avoid them, we're doing the right thing.

But according to James as well as Stephanie Taibe, a nutritionist at Find Your Trainer, putting a global ban on carbs is misguided. In short, you don't need to cut out carbs. Actually, avoiding them altogether could be your biggest diet mistake.

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