I Tried 3 Different DIY Makeup Brush Cleaners With Over 10K Pins

Katharine McEntee

Paula's Choice

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? If you have to think about it, it’s probably been too long. According to senior makeup artist at Antonio Prieto salon, Kristine Cruz, to avoid bacteria, dander, and old makeup buildup, you should deep clean your brushes every couple weeks. Since I was way past due for a brush cleaning, I decided to make my own DIY makeup brush cleaner with the help of Pinterest.

While it crossed my mind to buy a brush cleaner, I decided against it when I realised it meant running to the store and dropping $15 on what is essentially soap and water. So, instead, I went to the best place on the web for a good DIY recipe, Pinterest. With many homemade brush cleaners to choose from, I decided to test out three different recipes based on reviews, and the ingredients I had in my kitchen. After all, the whole point of a DIY is not having to run to the store, right? To see how well Pinterest’s most popular DIY brush cleaners performed, keep on reading.

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