Belly Bloat? Try This Unexpected Bar Drink

Dacy Knight

Feeling bloated? Skip the medicine cabinet and even the pantry—the answer to your digestive ailments might be hiding out on in your bar cart. It turns that a simple ingredient—probably in your go-to cocktail—can help set your stomach straight. Bitters could be your solution to belly bloat, as explained by Liz Moody, the senior food editor at MindBodyGreen. Moody swears by a little bit of bitters before bed to help with digestion, saying every night after dinner she makes herself the same drink: "a generous dash of lavender bitters in sparkling water."

There's a scientific explanation for why her semi-nightcap strategy works. "First, the sheer bitterness of the tinctures stimulates your stomach acid, making it easier for it to go to work digesting whatever food you eat," explains Moody. "Beyond that, the medicinal properties of whatever spices and herbs are used go to work." When you're picking up your bitters, Moody says to be aware of brands that use artificial colours and flavours. Organic herbal apothecary Urban Moonshine sells bitters specifically intended to aid digestion. So the next time your stomach needs a little help, whip up a mocktail and enjoy the soothing effects of this unexpected bar ingredient.

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