The Only 3 Skincare Brands Worth Buying, According to a Top Dermatologist

Hallie Gould

Ellie Benuska

There are SO many skincare options available and it's easy to get overwhelmed. What's the best cream for dry skin? What cleanser will work for me? it's difficult to know the correct answer to all those questions. We try tons of different products every week to help narrow it down and give our best advice on what will work for you. But, sometimes we need to ask for help too. 

As such, I reached out to my favourite dermatologist, Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group for her best advice. I asked—if she could pick just three—the skincare brands she would pick over all the rest. I was shocked (and elated) to hear two out of the three of her choices were drugstore brand offerings. Curious which brands made the cut? Keep reading to find out.

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