We Shopped for Drugstore Skincare Products With NYC's Top Dermatologists

Hallie Gould

There's a consistent debate regarding drugstore products—whether they're as effective as their pricey counterparts. Can something half the price (if not more) of another product made to serve the same purpose actually work just as well? We set out to answer those questions with two top dermatologists. 

The experiment went like this: We asked each expert to go to their local drugstore with only $100 to spend. Then, they were meant to choose their favourite products, ones they'd recommend to their clients, and explain what about those formulas makes them so special. They even took over our Instagram so each one of you could go along for the ride. That way, wading through the confusing, often convoluted marketing and product-packed aisles is a bit easier to master. Below, find each derm's top picks. 

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