Meet the Miracle Balm Used to Prep Models' Skin for the David Jones Runway Show

Just hours ago, we watched the likes of Jessica Gomes and Victoria Lee practically float down the runway in what is one of Sydney's biggest fashion events: The David Jones A/W 18 Runway Show. Yes, it's only February, but if we're being honest, we're kinda' excited to start buying up coats and sweaters now that we've seen what's on offer (for a full breakdown, head to Who What Wear Australia). 

But, back to beauty. Makeup extraordinaire Victoria Baron was the wizard behind the stunning looks this season. The dramatic eye and fresh skin combination was the product of not one brand like most runway shows, but a selection of the best picks from David Jones' huge beauty offering. So, Baron quite literally picked the best of the best and the result was pretty epic. 

Want to know every single product used? Keep reading. 

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