Trend Preview: The Custom Lashes You’ll Be Wearing Next Season

Lisa Patulny

POPSUGAR Australia

It may be hard to believe but New York Fashion Week is suddenly just one week away. That means there’s only seven days left before we get clued into the international beauty looks we’ll be wearing come autumn. (Cue: squeals of excitement!) One trend we know we’ll be hearing more about is customisable lashes. Backstage, ahead of tonight's David Jones Autumn/Winter Fashion 2016 Launch, we saw the trend come to life on model Montana Cox, and we’ve got to say—we’re in love.

Fashion has been having a love affair with all things minimal for quite a few seasons, with shows sending models down the runway sans mascara. I’ve been told by many a makeup director backstage during fashion week that although this trend can translate to real life, most women would be *extremely* reluctant to ditch their makeup bag MVP. All this makes next season’s return to statement lashes even more electrifying. Lashes are back, and they’re big and bespoke.

MAC senior artist Carol Mackie describes the look as one customised to your individual eye shape—it’s all about enhancing and even slightly changing the shape of your eyes with falsies: “If your lashline is naturally short, you can add individuals towards the outer edge of the eye to elongate; or add more in the centre for a fuller look."

Following this technique will certainly grant you lush lashes, but there’s an extra, very covetable benefit, too. “Layering lashes in the centre of the eye automatically makes them look wider—it looks almost like you’re seeing more of the iris or the pupil.” This translates as bright, wide-open peepers that suggest their owner most got 8-hours of sleep (even if they most definitely did not).

So how to? Mackie advises “really chopping up strip lashes and layering them.” (FYI, the lashes being used in the David Jones show are a mix of MAC’s #36 and #30 Lashes, both $18 each.)

MAC #36 Lash ($18)

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Opening image: POPSUGAR Australia

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