David and Victoria Beckham Share Beauty Products—Here Are Their Favourite Ones

Kaitlyn McLintock

I imagine that when David and Victoria Beckham first professed their love for one another, there was some sort of cosmic explosion far off in the deep void of space. Much like the big bang, this union of pop singer and soccer star initiated some mysterious sequence of events that would forever dictate the course of human history—and it did, at least for the style and beauty enthusiasts among us. Ever since they joined forces, we've seen their sky-high rise to fame and fortune. Victoria for her fashion label and minimalist approach to beauty and David for his equally as impressive style and grooming endeavours. 

My admiration for the Beckhams led me to the discovery that I have something in common with David. Yep, as it turns out, we both look to his wife for beauty tips, tricks, and product recommendations. That's according to his brand-new Into the Gloss interview, in which he indulges us with an in-depth discussion on beauty and grooming. Keep scrolling to see both of the Beckhams' favourite beauty products. 

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