Conversation with a Crystal Healer—Her Stories Are Wild

Jessica Hagy


I like when people post crystals on Instagram—they’re pretty; they remind me of musky-smelling science stores; they make me feel important because I have the word “geode” in my vocabulary; and, least of all, they feel vaguely spiritually enlightening. I’ve never touched a crystal with my energy in mind and frankly, the concept of crystals healing anything other than my Instagram aesthetic has always seemed too far out for me. But, I’m a curious creature and the crystal phenomenon is picking up major steam, so I decided to chat with an expert and entertain the concept.

Enter Azalea Lee, crystal healer, jewellery designer, and all around chicer-than-you’ll-ever-be woman. When asked how she transitioned from professional stylist to professional healer, Lee says “I just kept on getting signs from the universe. I’ve always been a spiritual seeker, so I knew I was getting intuitive nudges.” My intuitive nudges usually lead me to the pantry—but with the spirit of “spiritual seeking” in mind, we kicked off one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had. 

Read on for highlights from our conversation about crystal healing—including how you might meet your spirit animal—plus tips on how to work with crystals on your own. 

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