The Crazy Price of Beauty Products Around the World

Lindsey Metrus

The Australian beauty market is always booming, but it's also extremely varied product by product. On one end of the spectrum, you can buy a tube of mascara at Prticeline for $12 but travel to a department store and you might shell out a cool $60. The performance of each is based on your own personal preference—we've fallen hard for both high- and low-end formulas—but the difference in price is universally palpable. Take a step outside the country, though, and the average market cost is striking. Sure, differences in economies and resources contribute to the shift, but the same product from big name brands varies substantially in price across the globe as well. 

What's also striking is the difference in beauty services: The average haircut in Vietnam is $6.73, a drop in the pond compared to a $95.04 chop in Norway. Linio, the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America gathered data from these and 48 other countries and compared the cost of both products and treatments against each other. But this information needs to be taken with a grain of salt—six brands per product were evaluated, and cosmetic procedure prices from at least three major cities in each country were measured, so the range of prices per country is likely small. All things considered, though, if the Norway-Vietnam haircut comparison was any indication of how polar the results are, just wait.

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