We're Officially Seeing Copper Eye Shadow Everywhere

Katharine McEntee

It’s no secret that some of the most influential beauty trends have gotten their start on social media. Take for instance over-lined lips a la Kylie Jenner’s Instagram selfies or the halo eye makeup trend that took Pinterest by storm. And, while these trends are still pertinent, it is only natural that a new one come along to shake up our routine. And, the latest social media sensation to do just that is copper eyeshadow.

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram within the last ten days, you’ve likely seen beauty bloggers sporting copper coloured shadow. Which when you think about it is the perfect hue for Australian women—nothing pairs better with our beloved bronze glow than a metallic shadow, right? We've compiled ten copper eyeshadow images on Pinterest to inspire your beauty routine. To get a glimpse of the trend that will be everywhere this season, keep on scrolling.

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