3 Cool-Girl Date Night Looks That Won't Scare Him

Lisa Patulny

Like some of our more "sartorially offensive" fashion choices, we tend to subconsciously sort our more out there beauty looks into a mental folder named "girl beauty". If "girl beauty" is all about the fashion-forward trends our friends can appreciate but men generally find confusing (see: slicked hair and ruby eyeshadow), "boy beauty" is something altogether more classic. Think: the looks you might automatically reach for on date night, like tousled waves or a soft smoky eye. Of course, you can wear what you like when you like, but there do seem to be certain beauty trends men just do.not.understand. That said, there are beauty trends that could fall into either category.

Ahead you'll find three cool-girl looks that strike the balance between edgy and adorable. Not because a woman should ever shortchange her individuality for a man (or anyone), but because sometimes it's nice to hear your dude say, "you look nice", and truly mean it. Keep scrolling to see the looks!


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Opening image: Imaxtree

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