10 Concealers for Dark Spots That Work Better Than the Blur Tool

Erin Jahns

Though simple in concept, concealers are hardly one-size-fits-all. After all, aside from the obvious factors like skin type, tone, and texture, finding an A+ concealer also depends on what you’re specifically trying to conceal. Dark circles, blemishes… Unfortunately for us, our complexions love to taunt us with plenty of things we’d much rather disguise. One such example: dark spots.

From pigmentation to stubborn acne stars, not all concealers are made alike. To truly do the job, a concealer for dark spots needs highly saturated coverage, staying power, and a helpful dose of blendability for the most natural finish. 

Keep reading to discover the best-in-class concealers that will banish even the most determined of dark spots.

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