Dermatologists Agree: These 6 Common Skin Conditions Can't Be Cured

Amanda Montell


In the quest for flawless skin, we'll try almost anything: wacky cellulite gadgetsbudget-busting face treatmentsWe'll even slap ourselves in the face if it promises a glowier complexion.

There are plenty of skin conditions that can be eradicated with the right products and lifestyle changes (acne, dry skin). But try as we might, there are some that medical science just can't cure, no matter what your products or internet research tell you.

Let's clarify what we mean when we say certain skin conditions "can't be cured." According to NYC dermatologist and founder of BeautyRx, Dr. Neal Schultz, there are two types of "incurable" skin concerns: There are those that can’t even be minimally helped, and then there are those that can be treated, or 'controlled,' but that come right back if the treatment is stopped. 

So what makes a skin condition incurable? "The reason is because they are caused by either an unknown functional defect, or they are caused by a structural defect," says Schultz. So, no matter what the label on certain products or services tell you, if science doesn't yet understand what causes a condition, or if science is unable to permanently change the structure of your skin, then it simply can't be "cured" yet. 

We know, this sounds like bad news. But we're here to help! Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on ineffective skincare, keep scrolling to learn once and for all which skin conditions can't be cured (plus, what you can do to manage them).

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