7 Things Your Manicurist Wants You to Stop Doing

Adrianna Barrionuevo


No beauty look is complete without a flawless manicure. It's the finishing touch everyone needs for a balanced look whether you favour bright polish and nail art or keep your nails entirely bare. And if you happen to treat yourself to a professional mani regularly, chances are you want to extend the life of it as long as possible. Following simple rules for upkeeping your mani is key when a salon visit isn't in the cards. We all know the importance of the standard nail filing and using quality polishes to achieve a clean and neat look. However, there are a few mani don'ts many of us are guilty of, and the professionals are advising we stop at once. We asked everyone from the founder of Valley NYC, which just opened a third location, to a celebrity manicurist for the low down on these typical manicure blunders and how to avoid them at all costs.

Read on to learn all about the common mistakes your manicurist wants you to stop doing.

Which manicure mistake have you made in the past? Tell us in the comments.

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