6 Incredibly Ageing Skincare Mistakes You're Probably (Definitely) Making

Lisa Patulny

The world of anti-ageing is a confusing one, even for skin experts and beauty editors. One day, a certain ingredient or product is touted as the ultimate in line-reducing magic, the next it's tossed aside for a newer, better discovery. To make things even more confusing, experts often disagree on what exacerbates ageing. For instance, Paula Begoun of Paula's Choice believes certain essential oils, including citrus and lavender, can cause irritation (which then leads to ageing). Conversely skincare brands like Simple see both cirtus and lavender oils as beneficial ingredients. Thankfully the experts do agree on some things, and their recommendations aren't as common as you might think.

Keep scrolling for 6 anti-ageing skincare mistakes you're probably definitely making.

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