Every NYC Girl Is Wearing Her Eyeliner Like This During Summer 2018

Hallie Gould

One of the biggest makeup trends hitting the NYC streets this summer is colourful eyeliner. There are so many different options and even more products to choose from. Naturally, we get most of our inspiration for things of this nature from Instagram—saving look after look to re-create and take for a spin around the block.

It's an easy way to create a loud, creative look without much effort at all, as you can leave the rest of your makeup relatively bare. My advice? Pat on your favourite plumping, hydrating, cooling, and soothing serums, top it off with a moisturiser, grab your eyeliner pencils (and perhaps a few shadows), and let your sweat act as a natural highlight. Below, find our favourite colourful eyeliner looks we're trying this summer, and trust, you'll be smitten.

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