"Colour Melting" Is a Temporary Way for Commitment-Phobes to Try Pastel Hair

Faith Xue

What is it about a drastic hair transformation that feels so cathartic? There's a reason the "breakup haircut" is a real thing—as someone who promptly chopped six inches of my hair off after my first breakup, I can attest to its liberating and healing powers. You sit there and watch your hair fall to the floor with a sense of detached wonder; it feels like you're shedding your heartbreak along with your hair. But here's the thing about extreme haircuts: The grow-out process can be excruciatingly long. Nothing is worse than when you've finally moved on from your ex, but your hair is still stuck in the awkward mullet-like transition between a bob and lob, and there are receipts in the form of Facebook albums from summer 2010. Enter: Matrix's new "colour melting" technique, which is perfect for the heartbroken, commitment-phobic, and indecisive. A temporary, semi-permanent dye job that only lasts 10 to 20 shampoos, it's an easy way to experiment with your hair and/or express your inner angst over your former relationship without the commitment of a super-short haircut. Keep scrolling to find out how it works.

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