The 12 Best Festival Braid Ideas on Pinterest

Katharine McEntee

After a couple nights camping and dancing at Coachella, your hair will likely be filled with copious amounts of dry shampoo. (Who has time to wash their hair when they’re having so much fun?) However, when day three rolls around and your hair is no longer cooperating thanks to all that powder you sprayed on your roots, there is only one solution: a braid. In order to hide your unkempt hair and still look festival-worthy, might we suggest a Pinterest-inspired Coachella braid?

Both practical and ’grammable, braids are the perfect hairstyle for festival season—which is why we’ve rounded up 12 gorgeous braids easy enough to do without a mirror, yet intricate enough to disguise the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in days. From classic French braids to warrior-style plaits and teeny-tiny twists, we’ve compiled a plethora of braided hairstyles to get you through the weekend. For the Pinterest braids worthy of Coachella, keep on reading.

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