Just Accept It: Swiss Women Have Better Skincare Products Than We Do

Amanda Montell

"Obsession" is a word that often gets overused, but in its classic, fanatical sense, we Byrdie editors are obsessed with learning about how women around the world care for their skin. The fact that we're shameless French-beauty groupies is no secret, but we've also come to appreciate a host of other fascinating international skincare traditions, like Swedish women's devotion to daily steaming, Moroccan women's hammam rituals, and the intriguing DIY masks used in Somalia.

The other week, we ran into the folks at luxury Swiss skincare brand La Prairie, and chatting about some of their new products reminded us that every Swiss human we've ever come across in real life has unfairly beautiful skin (for proof, look to models like Anja Leuenberger and Nadine Strittmatter). Switzerland is a unique place, as it's situated right in the middle of France, Italy, and Germany, and all three cultures influence Swiss skincare philosophies. According to Jacqueline Hill (not to be confused with Jaclyn Hill), director of strategic innovation and science for La Prairie, "The Swiss Germans tend to be more Germanic in their habits, the Suisses Romands tend to be more Frenchified, and the people in Ticino more Italian style. But if we have to characterise the Swiss as a nation, I would say that they are both pragmatic and interested in high-quality products."

To find out more about their precise beauty secrets, we consulted a trusty committee of Swiss skincare gurus. Keep scrolling to find their tips for making your skincare routine really, really Swiss.

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