Heads-Up: Add Cinnamon to Your Coffee to Boost Your Memory

Lindsey Metrus

If super spices were comic book heroes, ginger would be Flash, turmeric would be Superman, and cinnamon would most definitely be Thor, the most powerful of them all. (Full disclosure: I don't know anything about comics, so this is all based on a very scientific study I found).

Actual superhero or not, cinnamon deserves the sort of praise reserved for a character portrayed by a Hemsworth—just one teaspoon is equal to the antioxidising power of a half cup of blueberries. It's got a host of other health benefits, too, from memory retention to antidiabetic effects and heart support, that, if we're really going to run with the comic analogy here, truly make it the hammer-wielding spice of its category.

Below, take a look at the many ways adding cinnamon to your meals and drinks will make you an all-around healthier person.

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