We Dare You to Tell Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber Apart in These Photos

Victoria Hoff

If I'm particularly fascinated by the astronomic rise of 15-year-old Kaia Gerber, it's only because I so vividly remember her mother's own heyday. Fellow '90s kids might remember a time when Cindy Crawford was everywhere—her face plastered the stacks of fashion magazines in the living room of my childhood home, and her famous Pepsi commercial was nothing short of legendary. My mum had all her workout videos, and I'd try to touch my toes while she and Cindy would prance through their aerobics routine together, both clad in lycra. In the early '90s, it was Cindy Crawford's world, and we were just living in it.

So it's not only exciting to see the supermodel's teenage daughter make her own name for herself, but it's also remarkable to note how much she looks like her mother. The two are identical, not the least because, at 51, Crawford is positively ageless. But in the interest of illustrating the profundity of their doppelgänger status, we thought it only appropriate to do a deep dive of some of Crawford's most classic throwback photos—and match them up with recent photos of Kaia, of course. (And genetics aside, it definitely helps that early '90s beauty—in all its thick-browed glory—has returned with a vengeance.)

Use the sliding tool below to compare the photos of Cindy Crawford then and Kaia Gerber now. Just a warning: Some of these are downright eerie.

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