The Brunette Version of Rose Gold Is Ridiculously Pretty

Victoria Hoff

As someone who just spent upward of nine hours taking her dark brown hair to a strawberry-tinted blonde, believe me—I completely sympathise with any brunettes who might feel deterred from giving the rose gold trend a try out of sheer inconvenience. (Spending two days in a salon chair getting said dye job is a lot easier when it technically qualifies as "work.")

But leave it to Instagram to take a beauty obstacle and meld it into an entirely different trend. It's official: The brunette version of rose gold is chocolate mauve, and it's gorgeous.

Like rose gold, chocolate mauve lends an opalescent wash of pastel colour to elevate your existing, more natural hue—sans bleach. And while it hasn't quite taken off in the way of its predecessor (i.e., Kylie Jenner hasn't dyed her hair that colour… yet), it's quickly gaining traction as the next otherworldly shade to try. 

Keep reading to see what it looks like, and to get the details on trying the look yourself.

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