Proof That Chloë Sevigny Is the Most Underrated Beauty Icon of Our Generation

Amanda Montell

Happy birthday, Chloë Sevigny! Can you believe this human is now 42 years old?! Personally, I had to double take when I saw the number. How has she managed to look 25 years old for the past 25 years??

While the actress and style It girl has managed to age with impossible grace, her look has evolved drastically since she first appeared on the art film scene's radar in the mid-90s. Sevigny is one of those actresses everyone recognises—after all, her résumé features cult-followed TV shows and films like Harmony Korine's Kids and Gummo, critically acclaimed Boys Don't Cry, and more recently, American Horror Story. But Sevigny isn't always at the forefront of the beauty conversation. Which, when you take a moment to reflect on her aesthetic, seems absurd.

Sevigny has such a unique beauty perspective in Hollywood. She's dared to rock androgynous looks, retro hairstyles, bleached brows, and even blinding lip colours, way before any of it was cool.

So today on her birthday, we're celebrating one of the most underrated beauty icons of our era. Read on to see nine inspiring images of Chloë Sevigny throughout the years!


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Opening Image: Maarten de Boer/Getty

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