Why The New Lunar Moon is the Perfect Excuse to Buy Beauty Products

Lisa Patulny

If you're familiar with the cycles of the moon you'll know that today marks the beginning of a new lunar year, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. (If you're not, read up on how the moon can affect your health—trust me, it's fascinating.) While Chinese New Year celebrations are joyous and exciting, and serve to usher in the new year with luck and good fortune, there are also certain "dos" and "do nots" that are commonly observed.

For instance, shampooing your hair on the first day of the year is a big no no. In the Chinese language, "hair" sounds somewhat like "facai" (which means "to become wealthy") which makes the symbolism of literally washing away your fortune a pretty bad omen. On the plus side, the traditional gifting of red money-filled envelopes is a common occurrence as it's believed to suppress evil spirits. (We'll take any excuse!) Amounts that involve the number 8 are usual since the number is a homophone for "wealth" which makes it lucky.

If you are fortunate enough to receive some cash money today, we've rounded up 8 beautiful ways for you to spend it. (See what we did there?) Keep scrolling to see what they are!


Will you be receiving any red envelopes today? Share what you'll be spending your haul on in the comments below.


Opening image: Fashion Gone Rogue

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