These Beauty Buys Could Bring You Good Luck, According to Chinese Tradition

Lisa Patulny


Even if the Chinese (aka Lunar) New Year isn't a cultural thing for you, you've probably noticed the occasion is associated with a few key auspicious colours. Red is probably the most well known (thanks in no small part to the traditional scarlet gift envelopes we're all familiar with), and is said to represent joy, success and good fortune. Yellow and gold are both also thought to be lucky, beautiful and prestigious. The theory goes that both wearing these colours and having them around at the onset of a new year can help ward off bad fortune. Never ones to dismiss a superstition (better safe than sorry, right?), we've pulled together eight of the most luxurious beauty buys for you to celebrate the upcoming year of the rooster with. Each is supremely beautiful in its own right and guaranteed to grant you good luck in the beauty department at the very least. 

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