4 Beauty Editors on the Best Free Beauty Tips They Have Learned

Hallie Gould

We're all for spending money on beauty products we love. It's worth it. We have no problem recommending those particular formulas to you (like we did here, here, and here). But we do get a particularly giddy feeling when we pick up tips that cost nothing at all. It's that heart-fluttering, flush-inducing type of excitement that reminds us why we love beauty so much. Usually, it's some random manoeuvre we perfected alone in our bathrooms or a secret trick offered up (in hushed tones) by a makeup artist. We quietly file each one away, waiting for the chance to divulge the goods to our friends or here on Byrdie. 

To do just that, I reached out to the other editors in the office to give up their best free tricks. Then, I collected all the most helpful ones and listed them below so you too can file them away for a time when you really need them. Because they don't cost anything, you won't even have to wait until your direct deposit drops to try them out. Keep scrolling for the beauty hacks you never knew you needed. 

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