Watch: A Korean Skincare Expert Takes Us Through Her Nighttime Beauty Routine

Kaitlyn McLintock

In our humble opinion, Charlotte Cho is one of the ultimate Korean beauty experts. Not only is she a licensed aesthetician, but she's also the cofounder of the e-commerce sight Soko Glam, which happens to be one the places we buy all of our favourite K-beauty products from. (Seriously, if it wasn't for this website, it would be much more difficult to get our hands on some of our most beloved serums, creams, and masks). 

Here, she walks us through her 9-step nighttime beauty routine. It starts with cleanser and ends with moisturiser, though there are many good-for-skin steps in-between. Before you click away, thinking you'd never have the time, patience, or money to complete nine skin steps per night, just know it takes less time, work, and money then you'd expect. As Cho best puts it, "Korean beauty is known for their very innovative formulas, and the price point of the products is so accessible, so it's really easy to get started on your routine." To see all the products she swears by, as well as learn some Korean skincare secrets along the way, watch the video!

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