Top Makeup Artists Swear By These Autumn Beauty Products

Katharine McEntee


Autumn is fast approaching and while that means shorter days, cooler weather, and messier tresses, it also means you have to swap out your good old summer beauty routine for a brand new one. For different ways to change up your makeup for autumn, we reached out to celebrity makeup artists for their favourite autumn beauty trends and the products they use to get them.

If you're anything like us, you've probably just now settled into a makeup routine consisting of heavily hydrating formulas and statement making lipsticks, but with autumn on it’s way it’s time to swap out your tried-and-true makeup products for their more lightweight and colourful counterparts. So just what should our new autumn makeup routine look like? According to makeup artists, lip and cheek tints, colourful mascaras, and glossy everything, are a must this Autumn '17. For the six makeup artist-approved ways in which you should mix up your makeup this season, keep on reading.

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