Chanel Hairstylists Used an Actual Vacuum to Style Models' Hair for the Runway

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The Chanel show is one of the (if not the most) anticipated show of Paris Fashion Week. Today, the brand's spring 2018 collection debuted on the runway at the Grand Palais, with models donning a wet-looking hairstyle gathered into a low pony, bright cherry lips, and blue shadow blended out into a feline shape. (Clearly, subtlety wasn't what the brand was going for, but as always, Chanel kept it chic).

We love the bold '80s makeup look, but surprisingly, the hair was the most unorthodox aspect of the entire beauty look, thanks to the way the look was created. Celeb hairstylist Sam McKnight posted a video on his official Instagram account to reveal that he styled each girl's hair with a vacuum. No, we're not kidding. He used an actual vacuum in lieu of other more traditional styling tools. Keep scrolling to see his strang, yet totally genius hair hack for yourself.

First, it's important to note that Karl Lagerfeld, who is Chanel's famed creative director, opted to outfit the models' hair with a long, clear plastic tube. This somewhat strange hair accessory fit the aesthetic of the rest of the collection, which featured plastic bucket hats and tote bags plus shiny raincoats and swampers.

As you can imagine, feeding a ponytail through a clear tube would be hard to do at all, not to mention in the perfect, slick way that the runway called for. This is where the vacuum comes in. McKnight placed the clear plastic tube in the mouth of a vacuum hose before sucking up each model's ponytail. Then, after pulling the vacuum hose away, McKnight perfectly threaded the ponytail through the tube, at which point he tied them off and perfected the rest of the style.

This is the video that McKnight shared of model Binx Walton getting her hair styled before the show. As you can see, the hardest part of the entire process wasn’t fitting the tube to the models’ hair; it was actually just cleaning off any stray smudges or fingerprints left behind from the vacuum application.

We have yet to see if plastic hair accessories will start trending (it is Chanel, so you never know). For now, though, we’ll stick to more traditional hair accessories. 

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