Chandler Kinney on Skincare, Dogs, and Staying Positive When the World's on Fire

by Amanda Montell

Southern California is on fire, but Chandler Kinney is still smiling. The day of our photo shoot with the upbeat 18-year-old happens to be the same day she and her family are evacuated from their home just north of Los Angeles due to the Woolsey wildfire blazing through Malibu and Simi Valley. Someone with less of Kinney’s mettle and infectious positivity might have canceled, but there’s no other way the actress would have rather spent her day than playing with makeup, creating beautiful images. “Being there on set and getting away from that stressful day for a couple hours to create art was so much fun,” Kinney tells me a week later, after returning safely home and decompressing. “I was actually really grateful for that experience.”

Keeping artistically busy seems to be in Kinney’s blood. She started performing at age 3 (she also trained in ballet and tae kwon do throughout her childhood), and in 2016, she scored her biggest break yet, starring as Riana Murtaugh on Fox’s hit show Lethal Weapon. A longtime lover of skincare and makeup, Kinney says the opportunity to work with some of the heaviest hitters in beauty has been almost as exciting as the career success.

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