Vetted: 10 of the Best Cellulite-Smoothing Products

Lisa Patulny

Whether you call it "the orange peel effect", "cottage cheese thighs" or just plain old cellulite, even the terms we use to describe dimpled skin aren't pretty. Believed to be caused by a raft of issues including hormone imbalances, poor circulation and dehydration, cellulite is super common (according to this study it affects 85–98% of post‐pubertal females of all races). Knowing just about everyone has it doesn't stop us from imagining our own to look that much worse though. (Fitting-room lighting, you're not helping.) So what to do now that bikini season is upon us?

For a serious reduction, professional treatments like Hypoxi and manual lymphatic drainage (or dermology) do go some way towards reducing the amount and severity. The downside: They can be costly and time-consuming. Topical treatments can only do so much, but the right ones can definitely help and in a visible way. Toning, firming and circulation-boosting scrubs, lotions and gels can refine the look of spongy skin, leaving it looking noticeably smoother, albeit temporarily. Still, a lotion that *actually* works to help tone your thighs before you hit the beach is worth the confidence boost if you ask us. 

Click through the gallery below to shop 10 editor-vetted cellulite-smoothing products.


Have you found any super effective cellulite banishing products? Share them with us (pretty please!) in the comments below.


Opening image: Jason Lee Parry/Surfing Magazine

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