The Makeup Products Celebrities Wore on Their Wedding Day

Lindsey Metrus

Planning a wedding is stressful. There's the venue, the caterer, the music—basically a ton of factors that will go into one expensive party that lasts a total of one day (I know—the memories supposedly last a lifetime, but still.) Another factor that gets expensive fast? Makeup. The average cost for wedding makeup in New York City is $350, and that's not including the trial session or tip. Compared to the overall cost of the wedding, this is marginal, but it's still a large chunk. We get it, though—the way you look on your wedding day means everything. The better you look, the more confident you feel.

If anyone were to understand that last notion, it's celebrities. They constantly pay top dollar to look like a million bucks for events, so of course their wedding days are no exception. But, surprisingly, in our search for the products celebs swore by for their bridal glow, we were intrigued to find a lot of drugstore products in the mix (music to the ears of brides on a budget). Below, take a look at the products celebrities entrusted to get the job done on their special day. 

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