How to Stay Motivated, According to Celebrity Trainers

Jade Cottee

If you've recently taken up a new exercise regimen, falling off the wagon somewhere along the way is pretty much a guarantee. At some point your Pilates membership is going to feel a little neglected, as human nature kicks in and you opt for after-work rosé instead of Reformer. As much as this is sometimes necessary (being kind to your body is always a win), it doesn't exactly do wonders for your #summerbod goals.

When you're just not feeling it, shift your thinking and ask yourself: What would Gigi do? As much as G enjoys a burger or two, it's actually her job to be fit, toned and strong at all times... so skipping F45 is never an option. 

So just how do celebs stay motivated? We've compiled the best advice from celebrities and trainers to discover the motivational advice that really works. Scroll down, be inspired, then shop some of our favourite pieces from Reebok

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