6 Beauty Secrets Celebrities Learned From Their Makeup Artists

Lindsey Metrus

Considering the amount of time celebrities spend in the makeup chair with wands, brushes, and sponges whirling around their faces, it's only natural that they'd absorb a great deal of beauty intel from the artists they hire. In fact, for many celebrity–makeup artist relationships, their bond is much more than a professional contract. They're good friends off set too. It's simply the nature of the industry. Artists aren't tight-lipped about their process but rather generously share what they find works best. By trade, celebrities pass on the beauty knowledge that they have soaked in, too.

There have been so many times an actress, singer, or model shared an exceptionally good makeup nugget with us that we found it fruitful to sift through the many interviews we've conducted for the best tips they ever learned from a makeup artist. Their insight, below.

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