From Miranda to Khloé: 9 Moisturisers Celebrities Love

Lindsey Metrus

Have you ever woefully stared down at your jar or tube of moisturiser and thought Why doesn't this make me glow like Victoria's Secret model? You're not alone. A celebrity's complexion is usually so radiant that it seems redundant for a paparazzo to use their camera's flash. Though, truth be told, their smooth, luminescent skin can't be attributed solely to a good moisturiser: Their skincare regimen, skin type, and diet each play a huge role (oh, and a little thing called winning the genetic lottery). Alas, we can only hope that by investing in a celeb's favourite moisturiser, we, too, can at least be one step closer to donning our own pair of Angel wings (a girl can dream, right?). If you're also curious which creams the stars are applying day and night, keep scrolling!

Which moisturiser do you swear by? Please let us know in the comments!

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