Kim, Gigi, and More Share the Foundation They Wear IRL

Hallie Gould

While celebrities have makeup artists painting their faces practically 24/7, we're often more interested in the products they choose to use IRL. Professionals have a way of applying any product and making it look good, but what about the foundations that do that all on their own?

It's so hard to find a foundation that works—it's either too drying, too sheer, too thick, too expensive, and so on. So we did a little research and found out what products celebs choose on their days off, the offerings that look good even without a professional flick of the wrist. What foundations are they wearing when they're caught on a Saturday morning by the paps? See below for the most enviable skin in Hollywood and the foundations they use to stay flawless.

Need more advice? These seven makeup artists just revealed the most photogenic foundations.

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