The Celebrity Brow Transformations We Can’t Get Over

Lindsey Metrus

Because of the gorgeous way full, bold brows look on a person, we can't believe that purposefully pencil-thin arches were ever a trend. Bigger, thicker brows seem to be on every woman's agenda, so much so that brow-enhancing serums are of the moment. We have a whole slew of celebrities to thank for this brow revival, influencing us to toss our wax kits and tweezers aside and let those babies grow.

While we often peek back at our own high school–era brows and compare them to today's groomed, powdered, and penciled-in arches, we thought we'd have a look into the yearbooks of different celebrities and how their own brows have changed—and we can't believe how much a little shaping and filling can do.

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