This Genius Cat-Eye Stamp Makes Winged Liner a Breeze

Victoria Hoff

Like fishtail braiding and contouring, creating the perfect cat-eye is one of those beauty skills that takes practice to hone and is still pretty easy to mess up. Getting consistent results requires precision, focus, a great liquid liner, and un-shaky hands. (Trick of the trade: Apply your winged look before that third cup of coffee.) And let's not forget the great cat-eye caveat: choosing the right flick for your eye shape. (Yes, that's pivotal.)

There are a multitude of hacks and products devoted to getting the perfect clean line, and generally, no two people have the exact same method of achieving it. The scotch tape trick is a classic. Got a business card on hand? That Will do, too. Nudestix's quick-erasing pencil ($38) is a godsend for errant smudges—and serves as proof that there is literally a market for obtaining cat-eye nirvana. 

And the latest entry? A solution that might just blow all else away in facility and convenience. Brace yourselves, because cat-eye stamps are about to be the next big thing.

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