Burt's Bees Is Launching a Brand-New Makeup Line, and It Looks Amazing

Kaitlyn McLintock

Burt's Bees has been a drugstore staple for decades. Seriously, its Rosewater Toner ($12) has earned a permanent spot on our bathroom vanities, just like the Beeswax Lip Balm ($4) will live, perpetually, in our makeup bags. There's just something that's indispensable about budget-friendly and all-natural products.

We'll never leave Burt's Bees classic products behind, but it looks like we might just be welcoming a few more to the ranks. That's right, Burt's Bees just launched a brand-new, full range makeup line—we're talking eye shadow palettes, blush, eyeliner mascara, even foundation. Everything is all-natural (of course) and has been developed with the help of expert celebrity makeup artists.

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Opening Image: Makeup Moment

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