These DIY Brow-Tinting Transformation Photos Are Actually Mesmerising

Kaitlyn McLintock

As far as emphasising our eyebrows goes, we can opt for any of three results: temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent. The temporary result is probably the most popular. It's achieved through brow pencils and pomade (here we break from our scheduled programming to say hi, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, $38). These, of course, wash off with your nightly cleanser—an obviously appealing notion since getting the shape just right is easier said than done. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the permanent result, aka microblading. With this method, pigment is deposited inside the skin in natural, hairlike strokes, almost like a tattoo. This result lasts basically forever and involves minimal upkeep. 

Finally, we have the in-between option—a semi-permanent result, which comes in the form of eyebrow tinting. This can be done in a DIY or professional setting (see a visual guide to at-home brow tinting here) and lasts a couple of weeks. It usually requires hair dye and a developer. But according to Instagram users, there's an alternative: henna, as in the natural hair-and-skin dye traditionally used in parts of Africa and Asia. Keep reading to learn all about the newest brow trend taking over Instagram, as well as some crazy before-and-after photos.

Would you consider trying a henna brow tint? Let us know in the comments below. Then, watch our editorial director get her eyebrows microbladed.

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