This Is the Most Universally Flattering Brow Colour, According to Reddit

Kaitlyn McLintock

Choosing a brow colour seems simple—until you actually have to do it. Let's say you're shopping for a new product among the drugstore aisles. You think, Hey, why not get this dark brown pencil? I have darkish hair. You get home, remove it from its packaging, and apply—and after a few strokes here and a few strokes there, you realise your eyebrows are—ahem—not great. The colour is too warm for your skin tone, and it looks like you used a Sharpie to fill them in. (This may or may not be a scenario taken from personal experience.)

Thanks to the perpetually savvy beauty fans on Reddit's /r/MakeupAddiction boards, however, this problem might be a thing of the past. In an open thread that invites users to share their burning makeup questions to the rest of the community, one shared her frustration with finding the appropriate colour for her cool-blonde arches. "I cannot find a pencil or powder to match or complement [the colour] and I'm tired of wasting money on products that don't suit," she explained. "They all look too warm." Dark blonde is a tricky shade to nail down for sure—but as could only be expected, fellow Redditors heeded her call.

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