3 Breathing Exercises to Use in Any Stressful Situation

Becci Vallis

Urban Outfitters

If someone saying “take a deep breath and count to 10” makes you want to punch them in the face, we forgive you. But it could be a sign you’re feeling fraught and a bit anxious. As annoying as it is unhelpful, it rings true when it comes to lowering stress levels—there’s proof.

One of the techniques used in mindfulness, even if you can’t get on board with the “empty your head for 10 minutes” technique, a few deep and meaningful inhalations could be enough to quiet those frantic thoughts sending you into a spin and getting your heart racing.

It even works on marines. Not ones for shirking stressors and aggressors, a group of platoons undertook eight weeks of MMFT (aka mindfulness-based mind fitness training) and found that their mental resilience was enhanced after practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques on completion of a gruelling training session.

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