8 Supplements That Keep Your Mind Performing at 100

Lindsey Metrus

How many times have you left something behind at home, let a task slip at work, or completely forgotten someone's name five seconds after they have told it to you? I'm guilty on all three accounts (and then some). The silver lining: There's scientific proof that forgetfulness isn't just a result of carelessness. Stanford researchers found that people who take in several streams of electronic information do not pay attention, control their memory, or switch from one job to another as well as those who focus on one task at a time. Loss of working memory (your ability to hold onto new information and facts) is also just a matter of physiology: researchers at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital found that memory peaks at age 30, then steadily begins to decline.

So what can we do to keep our minds sharp? For starters, exercise is amazing. Getting your heart pumping helps reduce inflammation in the brain and stimulate the release of growth factors. Eating antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory foods is also a great way to feed your brain. But for times when we can't regularly make it to the gym or when we forgo leafy greens for takeaway, it's nice to have easy backup reinforcements that act as a pilot light for our mind—case in point: daily supplements. Below, Christopher Calapai, DO, and Jennifer Curtin, MD, at Holtorf Medical Group sound off on those that rev up your brain and fend off degenerating factors.

Next up, take a look at the four foods that are making your memory worse.

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