7 Bodywashes That Won't Make You Want to Crawl Out of Your Dry, Itchy Skin

Kaitlyn McLintock

Katie La Vie

If you continuously battle dry skin, you’ve likely tried to drink more water, source the most hydrating moisturisers, and maybe even change up your diet. These all make a difference in the look and feel of parched skin, but you might be overlooking something just as important: bar soap. Why, you ask? Simple: Some formulas can prove too harsh for dry skin, stripping the good stuff (your skin’s natural oils) along with the bad stuff (dirt, sweat, and toxins). Couple this with an extended amount of time in hot water, and it’s no wonder your skin might suffer some serious moisture-loss.

Try turning to body wash instead. It's generally gentler and more nourishing than traditional bar soap. Plus, a creamy, lathering formula feels ten times more luxurious than its slippery, squeaky counterpart. If you're not convinced yet, keep scrolling to see our 7 favourite moisturising body washes for dry skin. You'll be switching out your shower products in no time!

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